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Logbook Services

When investing so much money into an imported European vehicle, the warranty that comes with a new car is a valuable thing to maintain for the owner's peace of mind. To keep your warranty intact, it's usually required that your vehicle undergo regularly scheduled logbook servicing. Most dealers will try to insist that these logbook services must be done at the dealer themselves, but this isn't the case.

As a reputable auto repairer, Darebin Tyre & Service Centre is able to conduct logbook services for all makes and models of petrol, diesel or LPG passenger cars, as well as certain light commercial utes and vans. Save yourself the hassle and added expense of taking your new car back to the dealer, and give us a call today to book your car's next service with us.

Roadworthy Inspections

Before re-registering a vehicle that's been off the road for an extended time, or before selling your vehicle to a new owner, it's required to have your vehicle checked out by an approved repairer and deemed roadworthy.

Darebin Tyre & Service Centre is approved by VicRoads to conduct vehicle roadworthy inspections on all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles under 4.5 tonnes. It'll be inspected according to a set of guidelines provided by VicRoads, covering all of the vehicle's major functions and safety features, and issued a roadworthy certificate when it passes. Contact us to book your vehicle for an inspection today.

VicRoads RWC Lic. 10479LV

Tyres, Wheel Balancing & Alignment

To maintain optimal handling and tyre wear in your car, its wheels must be carefully aligned to ensure maximum contact between your tyres' treads and the road below. Poorly aligned or balanced wheels can lead to your car placing more pressure on a smaller surface area of the tyre, increasing tyre wear and putting you at greater risk of a blow-out.

Our experience technicians can give your car a front-end or four-wheel alignment, ensuring your tyres undergo the minimum amount of wear on the road, and ensuring your vehicle's wheels stay aligned with proper balancing. We can also provide you with new rubber from our range of brand name tyres. To find out more about our wheel services, contact us today.

Air Conditioning

With Australia's unpredictable weather, having good air conditioning in your car when you need it is vital. Like any other area of your car, however, your aircon is prone to wear and tear over time, and cracks and leaks that develop can dampen your air conditioning unit's effectiveness.

As an ARC tick approved workshop, we're able to give a complete service to your air conditioning, from fixing leaks and replacing cracked hoses and seals, to a regassing of your air conditioning unit afterwards. Our technicians will make sure your car stays cool throughout the warmer months, making summer driving a pleasure. To have your vehicle's air conditioning checked, contact us for a booking today.

Steering & Suspension

Like any area of your car, your steering and suspension systems will develop wear and tear over time, making your car behave differently when steering or braking and causing issues with lean, pitch and roll, as well as potentially resulting in underside damage.

Our team of trained technicians can thoroughly check out your steering and suspension, repairing or replacing key parts to bring your handling and ride comfort back up to standard. If you think your steering and suspension might be letting you down, contact us today to book your car in for an inspection.

Diagnostics & Tuning

As cars become more sophisticated, more and more attention needs to be paid to your vehicle's auto electrical system; if it breaks down, it could take any number of important vehicle systems and features with it.

At Darebin Tyre & Service Centre we have the latest in sophisticated diagnostic equipment to properly locate faults in your vehicle's electrical system. With our expertise we can find and repair faults in your vehicle's fuel pumps and injectors, anti-lock brakes, power steering, central locking and other systems and features reliant on power from the battery. We can also fine tune your vehicle's electronic fuel injection systems, allowing us to take your vehicle's engine to its absolute limits in power or fuel efficiency. For an in-depth check of your vehicle's electrical systems, contact us for an inspection today.

Brake Repairs

Your vehicle's brakes are your most important safety device, so it's important to keep track of how quickly your vehicle's brakes suffer wear and tear. Worn brakes lose their stopping power, putting you at greater risk of an accident on the road.

Our technicians are able to check, repair and replace worn or fault brake components, from brake pads to discs and drums, as well as arranging for custom tailored parts to be specially machined for your vehicle. If you think your brakes might not be as strong as they once were, give us a call for an inspection today.

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